Shelving systems
Top 5 shelving system
Pitch 50, Pitch 35, Pitch 25 shelving system, consisting of five major components: base, upright, bracket, backside and shelf
Corner shelves
Inner and outer corner shelves of different angles

Gondolas and combinations
Specifically designed shelf combinations

Racking systems
Light storage system
Weights up to 300 kg per layer

Combined DIY solutions
Fully integrated shelving system into storage racks
Heavy duty storage systems
Weights up to 1200 kg per layer

Premium checkout
Hi-end checkout with rolling transporter
Medium checkout
Space-saving full-functionality checkout
Compact checkout
The most space-saving checkout
Cooling equipment
Boneta cooling box
For storage of cooled and frozen foods
Standing cooling cabinets
For cooled beverages and foods
Central cooling units
Outdoor units for inside cabinets and boxes
Supplementary goods
Mesh and wire
Hooks and accessories
Baskets and trolleys