Zenith's history at a glance
Foundation of a new factory in Turkey, Izmir
In 2022, Zenith expands its production into Turkey to become the global manufacturer and supplier of retail solutions, aiming to reach every corner of the world.

More than 30.000 m2 of production facilities are opened.
The leader of retail solutions
By 2020, Zenith becomes the leading producer of shelves, racks and checkouts. Market share for the leading retail chains: 80% or more.

More than 30.000 stores are equipped with Zenith's retail equipment.
Expansion of the production
Zenith expands its production by acquisition of a 30.000 m2 factory and installs new high-volume automated robotic lines, becoming one the most technologically advanced producers.

Total area of production facilities exceeds 60.000 m2.
Zenith becomes one of the leading manufacturers
By 1978, Zenith becomes one of the leading factories for trade equipment, employing more than 750 workers. Production facilities are more than 9.000 m2.
A foundation of the factory
Back in the 60s of the last century, Zenith started as a small factory, producing trade equipment to fill the niche of rapidly developing retail sector.
Facts and Figures

We keep more than 20.000 tons of raw metal in our stock.

Modern fully automated production lines, the fastest in the world: we produce 40 shelves per minute.

More than 3.000 employees are working hard to deliver your order on time.

More than 6.000 stores were fit out with our shelves and equipment in 2021.

Sales turnover of our company exceeds $200.000.000 yearly.
Advantages of our company
  • Price
    Our raw material stock is more than 20.000 tons, and our production is fully automated. That's why we are able to offer the best market price!
  • Production time
    Our speed of production is 40 shelves per minute. That means full set of shelves for a medium size supermarket will be produced for you less than in two days. 
  • Innovative high-quality solutions
    Our engineering department is working to fit clients' needs and expectations, we can produce any size, pitch, and configuration shelves, racks and checkouts.